Have guitar, will travel…

by kurt on October 21, 2010

…but not on Delta anymore.

Why do some companies just not get it? I mean, I understand that sometimes I’ll end up on a regional aircraft that just doesn’t have room for my guitar on board. Or maybe the flight is just so full that there’s no more room in the overhead compartments for my guitar. In those cases I can accept that I need to gate-check the instrument. It has a solid case, well cushioned on the inside. The instrument doesn’t move around at all. But to refuse to even gate-check the guitar and force me to either check it all the way through to Boston (brief connection in Detroit) or miss my flight?! The gate attendant’s reasoning was that it was because it was a “hard” case. If I had a soft case I could take it on board.

I have never heard that line before. I’ve taken my guitar with me almost everywhere I’ve flown and I’ve almost always been able to carry it on (and gate-checked it in a few instances).

It was then that I began noticing how Delta was treating both customers and employees. If you’re not a first class, or one of several other privileged class Delta flyers, you have to board on the other side of the jetway queue. You cannot walk on the “special” carpet for privileged customers. And then we’re on board and the attendant informs us that Christine is our head steward, accompanied by “two other stewards”. Wow. No names. Yep, they really care, don’t they?

Just one more airline I’ll avoid in the future.

But on a brighter side, while visiting my sister and family in Seattle, and my brother and family in Portland, I did write a new song. And I got a chance to hear my friend Joyce Woodson in Portland, as well as “We Are Country Mice” who turned out to be playing just down the street from Joyce later that same night. It was a great visit and I hope to return before too long to play a few gigs in the Northwest.

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