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by admin on July 8, 2012

For the equipment geeks out there…

My main guitar is a 1970 Martin D-28 (one of the earliest of the East Indian Rosewood dreadnoughts), strung with John Pearse 80/20 strings (bluegrass — light on top, medium on the bottom). The guitar was fitted with K & K Sound’s Pure Western Mini pickups by Music Emporium in Lexington MA.






For fingerpicking in open (and standard) tunings, I play a 1981 Gurian Series D JM (Jumbo Mahogany), strung with John Pearse 80/20 lights. This guitar was also fitted with K & K Sound’s Pure Western Mini pickups by Music Emporium in Lexington MA.






For more delicate fingerpicking, I play a 1977 Gurian Size 3 Maple Cutaway (Oh, it’s an absolutely beautiful guitar), strung with John Pearse 80/20 lights. This maple guitar just shimmers. It records so beautifully.

When the need arises I use a Radial Engineering J48 Active Direct Box, a Radial Engineering BigShot i/o is used for switching between instruments, and a Boss TU-2 tuner (foot pedal style) helps keep everything in tune.





When the mood strikes, I pull out my 1946 Vega archtop guitar. I bought this instrument from Mr. Bearclaw in Tucson, Arizona. The neck is a little messy and it’s missing its original pickup, but it still sounds cool. A restored D’Armond Super Chief 1100 pickup (considered one of the finest pickups ever made) is currently fitted to the guitar. Tone to die for.






I also play a Weber Gallatin mandolin. It’s an F-style with a mahogany back. It’s strung with D’Addario Mandolin Flat Tops (to be changed out soon for another brand as yet to be determined). It’s got a really nice woody sound.

Dilly Dally Records records on a Windows PC. Tracking is done with Pro Tools 10. An M-Audio Delta-1010 handles all the I/O. Vocals are captured with a Rode NT1-A and instruments are recorded with an AKG C 535 EB condenser microphone.




Finally, I prefer a Staedtler liquid point 7 pen and a yellow pad of paper for all of my songwriting. Don’t bother me while I’m working at the Johnny Cash table at Espresso Royale with a coffee and bagel. Someone could get hurt.

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