Top Five Recordings for 2012

by admin on January 1, 2013

My top five recordings for 2012 are obviously going to be heavily acoustic/singer-songwriter oriented (just to be up front about it). And I have, needless to say, missed plenty of great recordings this last year. Still these are some of my favorites.

Cd Covers

John Fullbright – “From The Ground Up”. First heard John at the Kerrville Folk Festival and have been following his progress ever since. He comes from Woody Guthrie’s home town of Okemah Oklahoma. He’s a great writer (well, all of these selections include great songwriting), as well as guitarist and singer. He’s mostly been touring solo. Catch him now if you can.

The David Wax Museum – “Knock Knock Get Up”. I first heard David Wax two years ago today opening for Redbird in western Massachusetts. A few weeks later we caught their CD release show at Oberon in Cambridge. Far and away one of the best shows I have ever seen. Last year they released a follow up and it doesn’t disappoint. Caught the CD release show for this CD as well in Boston — another great show. Infectious rhythms and great tunes.

Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale – “Buddy and Jim“. Apart from producing some amazing country folk recordings, writing great songs, and playing some amazing guitar, Buddy Miller also plays with Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. The guy is a national treasure.

Joe Pug – “The Great Despiser”. Joe’s writing just amazes me. I have no clue how he writes such strangely wonderful songs. (Hint: you can download his first EP for free from his web site.)

Mumford & Sons – “Babel”. OK, I just love their energy. The band is just a lot of fun and their arrangements are brilliant.

Here’s a playlist of selections from my top five recordings of 2012: youtube.

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