Leaving Again

by admin on February 18, 2013

I’ve added a new preview from the upcoming CD “Says The Rain”. The song is called “Leaving Again”.

I wrote the entire song on a bus trip from New York City to Boston. I was visiting my daughter in Brooklyn one weekend and I took the Bolt bus back to Boston. The words all came to me during the three or four hours the trip took, and I could hear the melody in my head. When I got home, I just sat down and played the new song (then wrote it all out). Those kind of songwriting experiences are just magical.

The song got some minor revisions a couple months later when I was working with Rick Beresford at the Kerrville Folk Festival songwriters workshop. All we did was re-arrange a couple verses and turn one of them into a bridge.

I had been fingerpicking the song when I would play it, but when it came time to record it for the CD, Lloyd Maines added some additional acoustic guitar strumming. It certainly gave the song a lot more energy and now I play it that way whenever I perform it (and I liked it so much I made it the lead-off song for the CD).

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